Handmade at a Workbench

“Wood has structure, and we understand that structure, and so we exploit that weakness in the wood as we work it, we then exploit the strength in the wood as we use it.” Roy Underhill



Something to take pride in

Fabrication begins in the forest. We prefer to use locally sourced hardwoods, either reclaimed from a homestead or found fallen in the forest. Every effort is made to utilize our resources in an efficient and sustainable manner. We mill and cure our own stock, allowing us to fulfill our cut lists with minimal waste of material or time.

Once cured, material is moved into the workshop, acclimates, and initial machining begins. Every build is different but typically parts are shaped and dimensioned according to the design and build plan. Joinery is cut and the components are assembled. The parts begin to look like a project. A once over with a freshly sharpened edge and the piece is ready for hand rubbed oil and wax finish. No piece leaves the bench with out the approval of a discerning eye. Ready for delivery and your inspection.

We are pleased to recommend Phoenix Mountain Arts for you custom woodworking needs. Nick and Michelle are quite a team and can take your idea (sometimes pretty vague) and transform it into beautiful furniture and custom cabinetry.


The end result was magnificent and we are extremely pleased with the end product! It takes craftsmanship, skill, and hard work to pull off a project like this, and this team definitely showed us they have what it takes to take your vision and give you exactly what you want!


So impressed with their appreciation of the family history and craftsmanship of the cabin. They had much respect to help us preserve our family history. I would highly recommend this company. Nick and Michelle are amazing!