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Woodworking is a trade that encourages the passing on of traditions and techniques. It is in this spirit that we offer classes, recreational opportunities and immersive experiences that not only highlight our work but Ashe County. When we moved to this area in 2010 we found a sense of community and a connection with the region and Phoenix Mountain Arts is a business that reflects all the positive experiences that we have had since moving to Lansing.

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Part of the craftsmen lifestyle is about connecting with our fellow workers, especially those in similar industries. If you're interested in joining our small business group, contact us so we can discuss the benefits.

We are pleased to recommend Phoenix Mountain Arts for you custom woodworking needs. Nick and Michelle are quite a team and can take your idea (sometimes pretty vague) and transform it into beautiful furniture and custom cabinetry.


The end result was magnificent and we are extremely pleased with the end product! It takes craftsmanship, skill, and hard work to pull off a project like this, and this team definitely showed us they have what it takes to take your vision and give you exactly what you want!


So impressed with their appreciation of the family history and craftsmanship of the cabin. They had much respect to help us preserve our family history. I would highly recommend this company. Nick and Michelle are amazing!