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A brief history

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Original Showroom



Phoenix Mountain Arts began as an art gallery/work shop specializing in paintings, turned bowls, and other bespoke handmade crafts. This space inspired many unique creations, from one of a kind furniture pieces, reimagined furnishings, reinvented pieces and select repair services, all sold out of our showroom in Lansing, NC.

In 2013 Phoenix Mountain Arts made a major step to becoming the bespoke design and build firm it is today. Our first major commission was both fortuitous and unexpected. In the space of a couple of days we acquired an antique homestead, which had become a nuisance and was slated for disassembly. Simultaneously we signed an agreement to renovate our first interior, a kitchen, wide plank flooring and mantel. At that point we were off. Since then we have replicated this scenario several time. Having great success finding premium lumber in log cabins and homesteads or fallen in the forest. We’ve even reclaimed bridges.

Whether we are making a jewelry box or a custom kitchen, we select the best of our inventory and bring it to our workshop where we craft our projects. As our client list has grown and buzz about our business increased we would often have requests from people asking if we would teach them reclamation, sawyering and woodworking. That is why we are now offering education and immersion programs to share what our day to day is like. Although no two days are the same.

We are pleased to recommend Phoenix Mountain Arts for you custom woodworking needs. Nick and Michelle are quite a team and can take your idea (sometimes pretty vague) and transform it into beautiful furniture and custom cabinetry.


The end result was magnificent and we are extremely pleased with the end product! It takes craftsmanship, skill, and hard work to pull off a project like this, and this team definitely showed us they have what it takes to take your vision and give you exactly what you want!


So impressed with their appreciation of the family history and craftsmanship of the cabin. They had much respect to help us preserve our family history. I would highly recommend this company. Nick and Michelle are amazing!